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    Simple and accurate measurement of sound from passing vehicles with SToRM SPB

    Do you want to measure the acoustic properties of roads or joints? Then SToRM SPB is the tool you need. We have developed SToRM based on 20 year experience with measuring noise on the roadside. It is a no-nonsense measurement system that does exactly what it needs to do to asses the acoustics of a...
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    Noise and vibration engineering for industrial projects

    Edwin Nieuwenhuizen: “Industrial noise disturbs communication between people on site and may cause annoyance and even health problems for those living near industrial areas. Exposure to excessive noise is a serious health and safety risk for personnel and contractors on-site. Noise and vibration...
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    Early detection of rail defects

    We developed a method to detect rail defects in an early stage: We use ARRoW-measurements (sound measurements in close proximity of the wheel) to detect squats. This turned out to be a viable way to determine squats fast, accurately and at an early stage.
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    Pavement Texture Measured Efficiently with FLaSH

    M+P’s family of FLaSH TEXTURE systems is designed to accurately capture and analyse texture data. Measuring road textures with FLaSH TEXTURE is a straightforward process. FLaSH TEXTURE analysis is clear and yields solid, reproducible results.
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    Pioneering software development in the cloud: computational model for tyre and road noise

    Ard Kuijpers: "Calculations are a necessity for developing quieter roads. It is a complex task that usually needs to be outsourced with other companies. How can road builders, researchers and governments get hold of these calculations without having to use an external engineer? That was the...
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    Acoustics advice when furnishing flexible work spaces

    Theodoor Höngens: "More and more offices are set up according to the 'The New Way of Working' principle: in the morning, employees choose the work space that best fit their activities of the day. Often, all these kinds of activities are situated in one big space. So acoustics play an important part...
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    Substantiating sound and air quality for planning permission and higher value

    Theodoor Höngens: "Planning permission procedures (WRO or WABO) require a great deal of attention. Especially when they contain sensitive functions with regards to sound and air quality in environmentally burdened locations. It is a must to consider the compatibility of functions and have a correct...
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    Improving the Close Proximity (CPX) method and the CoMeT trailer

    Wout Schwanen: "M+P is a real expert when it comes to 'quieter traffic'. We are on the ISO committee and work with big clients like the Dutch and other European road directorates, which means we are involved in everything that happens in that area. Whenever ISO standards and legislation are revised...

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Measurements on ISO 10844 test tracks

Over the last decade we became one of the leading companies for measuring ISO 10844 test track...

Decision methods and cost/benefit analysis for noise abatement

An effective fight against environmental noise requires a good balance between the costs needed for...

Lean and Smart Sound-Monitoring for Dutch ProRail

Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things movement (IoT), we built our own system for...

Monitoring with meaning

The demand for unmanned measuring is growing steadily. Large amounts of data are required to be...