BAP Acoustics uses ARRoW for track quality inspection

Canada is now the third country in the world, after China and the Netherlands, to work with ARRoW. BAP Acoustics, an acoustic consultancy company based in Vancouver, has procured and introduced RailInspector (the ARRoW analysis and presentation software) for assessing the condition of a local light rail track, thereby enabling track maintenance to be improved.

Sound measurements with ARRoW provide a great deal of information about the state of the track. If the track is damaged or in poor condition, this has an immediate effect on the amount of sound measured close to the wheels. RailInspector not only delivers insight into the degree of track roughness, but can also make an analysis of locations where a ‘noise event’ is taking place: locations where the noise level is rapidly increasing or decreasing.

It was precisely this feature which BAP Acoustics found extremely useful. Based on the outcome of the ‘noise event’ analysis, the track was inspected at a number of locations. This inspection confirmed the results of the ARRoW measurements, namely that at these specific locations there were abnormalities of the track. Thanks to the analysis with ARRoW these inspections proved to be more effective and were carried out far more efficiently than was previously possible.

The results are being used to plan the track maintenance. The intention then is to repeat the ARRoW sound measurements after the maintenance in order to ascertain the effect of that maintenance on the condition of the track. The ultimate goal is to put together a system whereby ARRoW and RailInspector can be used to determine when and where maintenance is necessary before the track becomes damaged. Our team has been advising BAP Acoustics on how such a system can be set up. Meanwhile the first steps have been made towards making this system operational.