CoMeT CPX user meeting: April 10th 2014

The CoMeT system is used throughout Europe to perform CPX measurements on the road network on a regular basis. The professionals that do these measurements will share their knowledge and insights on the second international CoMeT CPX user meeting on April 10th, 2014 at our office in Vught, NL. The official program will include a presentation of the recent developments regarding the upcoming revised ISO standard. Also our new CPXInspector software, that already works according to the upcoming standard, will be released officially.

A lot has happened since the first CoMeT user meeting in 2012.  A new ISO-DIS standard for the CPX standard has been released. We therefore thought it would be a good idea to discuss the implications of the new standard: how does it affect the use of the CoMeT system and the CPXInspector software? We have organised a meeting to discuss this topic with the international group of CoMeT users. The event will take place on April 10th 2014, at the M+P office in Vught, the Netherlands.

Besides discussing the new standard, there is ample time for the regular users of the CoMeT system to exchange their experiences with and share their thoughts about the future of CPX measurements. Other topics on the agenda are air temperature correction, CPX-trailer calibration and rubber hardness of the measurment tyres. These subjects are still under discussion in the ISO workgroup.

 For more information you can contact Fred Reinink or Wout Schwanen.