M+P present at ICSV24 London

From July 23rd to 27th, the 24th edition of the International Congress on Sound and Vibration will be organised in London, UK. We will be present all week to hear what our European and international colleagues are working on. We will present some of our own current activities in presentations in four different sessions. Some more info on our presentations is given here. We hope to meet you next week!

The ICSV conference could be considered as the main general acoustics conference in Europe for this year. The scientific programme spans all fields of indoor and outdoor acoustics and noise control. We are glad and proud to be present with four colleagues presenting some of our recent developments:

  • Ronald van Loon will discuss the two main measurement methods for acoustic performance of noise reducing pavements: the Statistical Pass-By (SPB) and Close Proximity (CPX) methods. How well can the Close-Proximity (CPX) method replace the Statistical Pass-By (SPB) method in the evaluation of noise reducing performance of pavements? - Wed. 26th, 18:00, Park2
  • Sara Vellenga will propose a new method for measuring liveliness in open plan office. Can our new liveliness indicator be used to describe the office sound environment in an accessible way close to people’s perceptions? - Tue. 25th, 14:00, Park6
  • Wout Schwanen presents our recent work on in-situ measurement methods for the acoustic characteristics of noise barriers. The new EN1793 in-situ methods for insulation and absorption are available, but our work shows significant improvements in terms of background noise identification and elimination. Objective criteria will decrease operator influence and enhance accuracy and reproducibility of these methods. - Mon. 24th, 17:00, Plaza6
  • Bert Peeters will focus on the EU noise assessment method CNOSSOS-EU (EC directive 2015/996). The implementation of the new method in national legislation leads to various issues for member states. The Netherlands may tailor the road noise emission model to national conditions, with respect to road noise emission values, pavement corrections and powered two-wheelers. Why should, or shouldn't, member states change the EU version of the model? - Mon. 24th, 14:40, Plaza8

We certainly hope to see you next week. If you won't be there, feel free to contact us for any questions on these topics. We will give you an update on new developments that we'll pick up at the conference when we're back in the office. Stay tuned!