Simultaneous sound and road texture measurement system for VGTU in Lithuania

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) in Lithuania is our first client who is able to perform fully integrated CPX and road texture measurements. In summer 2015, we supplied them with a combined CoMeT CPX-system and FLaSH|M texture measurement system. VGTU, together with business partners, will use this equipment for the development of noise reducing pavements.

Summer 2015, we delivered a new CoMeT CPX system and the first FLaSH|M sytem to VGTU. After all our development efforts, it was an exciting moment to see our system being shipped and put to work. We believe it marks a new era for close proximity measurements of road surfaces.

With the CPX method, the noise reduction potential of a road surface is characterised. For this characterisation of noise reduction, texture and the sound absorption of the pavement are the most important parameters. Only when measuring these parameters, you might know why the road surface is noisy or silent. 

The combination of CoMeT and FLaSH|M, a recent development, provides the required information. By measuring rolling noise and road texture simulteanously, you get highly consistent noise and texture data for the entire road section that is measured. This combined data gives a better insight into the cause of the noise reduction and thus helps better to understand and develop quiet road surfaces. And, as a bonus, the texture can also be related to rolling resistance and reduction of green house gasses.