Measuring the maintenance state of the rail infrastructure

Rapid measurement of sound, roughness and defects of railway track with ARRoW

Rail noise levels can tell you a lot about the condition of your rail infrastructure. Corrugation, rail roughness and defects in the rail or fastening systems are revealed through the noise of the wheel/rail interaction. ARRoW operates on the basis of these principles. To quickly and accurately assess the quality of your railway network, ARRoW is the perfect solution.

ARRoW records the noise (and vibrations) from the rolling wheels together with the train’s speed and geographical position. The noise levels that are measured fluctuate due to the changing properties of the railway track. By measuring the noise, one can chart the changes in typical rail properties such as rail roughness or rail defects. This information can be used for many purposes:


  • monitoring of track roughness as part of 'rail roughness control' as a noise mititagion measure
  • early detection of rail corrugation
  • locating test sections on normal track to do train noise measurements (according to ISO 3095 and ISO 3381)
  • generating input about track state for EU noise mapping according to the END
  • very early detection of rail squats
  • reducing cost-of-ownerschip on problematic areas instead of global maintenance at regular intervals
  • identification of noise "hotspots" in urban areas that can be rectified before residents file complaints


  • portable: the system can be installed on existing vehicleswith no need for a dedicated measurement vehicle
  • user-friendly: built with standard components, our analysis software is intuitive to use
  • autonomous: no need for external power supplies or additional sensors for measuring vehicle position and speed
  • robust: built-in redundancy in measurement chain makes measurement errors nearly impossible
  • reliable: after nearly 10 years of use in the Netherlands and EU, ARRoW has been tried and tested in the field
  • wide application range: applications include light rail, conventional rail and high-speed rail

what you get

  • Custom measurement system (data acquisition hardware, measurement computer, microphones, vibration sensors)
  • Analysis software: RailInspector

Besides the standard components above, we optionally provide the following services:

  • In-house or on-the-job training : efficient use of the ARRoW measurement equipment and Railnspector
  • Design, production and installation of additional hardware so ARRoW can be used on the customer's vehicle
  • Advice on the use of the measurement data for your purposes
  • Development of additional software modules according to customer specification (e.g. additional analyses, coupling with database or GIS systems etc.)

All details and some examples of ARRoW use can be found in the brochure.

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