Technical and legal environmental advice for your facility and services

Controlling noise emissions, vibrations and air quality in plants

When starting a business or a division in The Netherlands, it can be difficult to come to grips with all environmental rules and regulations that apply to your business. Requirements for noise, vibrations and air quality are more stringent compared to many other countries and legislation is complex and often subject to change. Outsourcing the workload in the areas of noise, vibrations and air quality to M+P might be the solution for you. Partner up with M+P, so you can focus on your core business with confidence.

Solutions that fit your business and needs

Because of international business orientation, a lot of modular equipment is used when building plants and factories. Sometimes new facilities are copies based on blueprints of existing facilities elsewhere in the world. Because of the Netherlands’ stringent laws, a ‘copy plant’ might be non-conforming or running into problems in the areas of noise, vibrations or air quality. In such cases, the design might need adjustments, before a permit can be obtained.

M+P can play an important role in finding the most optimal design for a new plant or when you are trying to improve an existing installation or facility. We do this by keeping an open mind and trying to find a solution that is best for you, keeping aspects like costs, product quality, maintenance, safety and interchangeability in mind. In some cases this can be achieved with a source-oriented approach, like replacing equipment by low noise equipment. Another case might require additional insulation or encasing relevant noise sources.

When applying for an environmental permit, M+P will see to it that all the right information is supplied to local, provincial or national government. M+P strives towards fitting your company in its surroundings. Our intention is to achieve permit regulations which do not limit your business activities.

Close relations with our clients

We think it is very important to stay involved even after a new project has been realized and an environmental permit has been issued by government. A lot of our customers have been a customer for years. This allowed us to gather insight about the most common techniques and business cultures, which enables us to look after your interests in the best way possible. A few of the services we can provide after the permit process has been completed are verifying equipment specifications by measurement or supporting you in changing your facility (and possibly your environmental permit). We also provide services to be sure the health, wellbeing and safety of your personnel is guaranteed (Arbo-law).

The added value of M+P

  • Knowledge in the areas of technology, rules & regulations and policies;
  • Thinking along with our customers;
  • Part of the Müller-BBM group, international network of experts.