Machine acoustics explained

Low noise design of equipment and machines; multi channel sound and vibration measurements

Thijs van Bon: “Sound produced by machines does not only concern machine labeling and emission limits, but can also give an indication of the condition of the equipment. Noise and vibrations may affect the mechanical performance and excessive vibration may even damage equipment. We have experienced that addressing noise and vibration right in the beginning of the design process is far more advantageous than implementing modifications or provisions afterwards."

Services supplied by M+P

We support you in understanding the cause and nature of vibrations in machines with specialized tools such as:

  • Multi-channel measurements of noise and vibration.
  • Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis to visualize and animate vibrational shapes of structures under normal or simulated circumstances.
  • Modal analysis to understand the basic vibrational modes and to be able to predict the response to external forces. With this tool it is possible to study the dynamic behavior of structures and to simulate changes in system characteristics (added mass, stiffness or damping).
  • Hemi-echoic sound pressure and/or intensity measurements to assess the total sound energy produced by the equipment and its radiation characteristics.
  • Impedance measurements to be able to predict energy transfer and existence of vibrational modes.
  • Numerical techniques such as the Finite Element Method (FEM) and Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) for the development of new machinery.
  • Transfer Path Analysis (TPA) to identify energy transfer paths through constructions.
  • Acoustic cameras, using microphone array techniques for identifying and visualizing noise sources in complex structures.

What can we do for you?

In machine acoustics we measure and predict noise emissions, determine and assess acoustic measures to comply with noise limits and offer assistance in improving the design of equipment in terms of vibration and noise emission. Our working fields include:

  • complying with noise criteria
  • vibration control of high precision machines
  • damage prevention
  • psycho acoustic evaluation: loudness, roughness, sharpness, fluctuation strength
  • jury evaluations of sound quality (in cooperation with M-BBM)