Texture measurements and equipment

Road surface texture is important for noise, rolling resistance, and wear

Christiaan Tollenaar: "M+P is familiar with all aspects of noise generation on road traffic. There are a number of factors that determine how much noise is generated by the road and a vehicle on it. Texture is a factor that gets more and more attention in the development of road surfaces. Not only because texture determines, at the source, how much noise comes from the tyres, but also because texture has an influence on rolling resistance and hence on fuel consumption and CO2-emission from cars and trucks. Besides that, a texture measurement can tell when it is time for maintenance. In summary: a texture measurement gives interesting and useful information. Because we decided that texture measurements could bedone better and easier, we built the equipment ourselves."

Accurate texture measurement for quieter and cleaner traffic

Texture measurments tell a lot about the road surface. With measurements, road authorities can determine the condtion of their road network and decide if maintenance is necessary. Road builders can use texture measurements and the resulting data to develop quiet road surfaces. Rolling resistance is a subject that is closely linked to clean traffic and reduction of greenhouse gasses. We are investigating the relationship between rolling resistance and texture, but it is sure that texture can contribute to fuel saving.

Smart equipment that helps you

M+P loves to develop and build devices. Especially when we see that existing devices can be improved. We wanted to make texture measurements more practical and cheaper so road developers and authorities can do texture measurements faster and more frequently. Besides that, we make sure that the results are displayed in a way that makes them easy to interpret. We made two devices: one can be used for long sections of road and the other one is for stationary measurements. The device for long sections of road can be coupled with CoMeT, the compact CPX-trailer. This way, the texture and it's relation to the noise production on the road can be investigated.