"You simply cannot speak of vehicle testing without knowledge of the road surface" - Arnaud Dufournier, DFT

Texture, absorption and evenness of your ISO 10844 exterior noise test track

Nearly all tyre and vehicle type approval and C.O.P testing for noise is performed on a test track complying with ISO 10844. The revision of this standard in 2011 and in 2014 has tightened the requirements on the surface materials, the surface texture, evenness and acoustic absorption. Also the testing methods have been brought to a state-of-the-art level. M+P has co-developed several testing procedures for surface standards, both as technical engineer and as active member in ISO, EU and ECE standardization and regulatory committees.

Services supplied by M+P

Measuring and certification services for ISO 10844 tracks

  • determination of the surface texture profiles according to ISO 13473-1, -3 and -4 to assess MPD, RMS and ENDT
  • determination of the acoustic impedance according to ISO 13472-2 and 10534-2 both in-situ and on bore cores  
  • determination of the longitudinal and transversal evenness according to ISO 13472-5 and EN 13036-7 to determine the irregularity in the drive lane and propagation area.
  • Texture depth (TD) assessment according to 10844:1994

Extension to other types of test surfaces

  • texture testing of other test areas such as coast-down tracks, wet skid tracks (according to ISO 23671),…etcetera’s where the surface texture and unevenness are decisive for the evaluation of the performance of your vehicles and tyres.

Engineering services

  • support of road building companies with mix design and laying process, assistance with Marshall core evaluation, testing and evaluation of pre-samples.

Applied technologies


Texture testing uses a high resolution, low speed laser profiler that is able to measure continuously sections up to 5 km. Vertical resolution is 10 µm, horizontal resolution 1 mm, spatial wavelength range: 3 mm to 1m. Processing of RMS, MPD, skewness, wavelength spectrum and ENDT values at variable intervals. Interpretation of rolling noise, rolling resistance and skid resistance.

Acoustic absorption

The system is based on the ISO 10534-2 impedance tube standard, modified to fit in ISO 13472-2 standard procedure for low absorption in-situ measurements. We implement a three microphone measurement and data acquisition system to supress the effect of interference at the microphone positions. This improves both accuracy and measurement speed.


The solid beam in the standard is replaced by a laser beam and the procedure is extended to full transversal and longitudinal contour mapping of your ISO-10844 test track. The evenness parameters are derived from these contours.

Small, light, flexible and reliable

M+P equipment and data processing system is based on up-to-date digital technology that improves reliability and redundancy of the testing services and limits size and weight. The total set complies with luggage weight limitations of air carriers so our technicians can quickly respond to customers time schedules and flexible operations world-wide. 

Road engineering support given

The tightened requirements, imposed on your test track by the 2014 version of ISO 10844, may lead to intensified maintenance or resurfacing of your track. We can support the road engineering and building company with know-how on acoustic effects of the road building techniques. We can advise in the mix design, the testing of the acoustic absorption of Marshall cores, the testing and evaluation of laboratory test samples for acoustic absorption, MPD and ENDT properties and interpreting the findings in terms of modified mix-designs and recommendations for the laying process. 



  • Tyre companies: Bridgestone (BR) (added Wet Skid track), Goodyear (LUX), Continental (D) (added Wet Skid track) and Nokian Tyres (SF) (support with road engineering, mix design and final compliance testing).
  • Vehicle manufacturers: Ford Otosan (TR), MAN Latin America (BR), Scania (SE) (both support with road engineering, mix design and final compliance testing), DAF Trucks St.Oedenrode (NL),(outdoor and indoor pass-by track), Toyota (TR), General Motors: Dudenhofen (D), Millbrook (UK), Milford and Yuma (USA), Sao Paulo (BR), Incheon (KR), LangLang (AUS), Shanghai (C), Ford Motor Company: Romeo and Phoenix (USA): (added Rolling resistance coast down track). 
  • Testing institutes: RDW Lelystad (NL) and BD Testing (SF).
  • ISO 10844 Round-Robin test for ETRTO. Peugeot (FR), Pirelli 5x (D), Goodyear (LUX),  BASt (D), IKA (D).