About us

The solution people

For over 40 years, we have studied and developed solutions relating to noise, vibration and air quality. With our expertise and communicative approach, we are a respected consultancy firm that is always open to our customer’s specific needs. Based in the Netherlands, our team of 40 professionals are trained in a range of fields to serve our clients. This is our approach:

There is always a solution

When doing business with us, you will notice our dedication. Your project becomes our project. From environmental permits, reports, complex calculation models to policy advice, we always work with you to find a solution and how to achieve it. Our path to the solution may be fast and direct, or it could be winding and filled with new discoveries. And should we discover that a new path should instead be pursued, we will always inform you about what we have learned.

If it doesn't exist, we'll invent it

We love to be at the forefront and we employ state-of-the-art technology in our work. And we never shy away from new approaches when the situation demands it. Is it something that's never been done? We won't hesitate to try our hand at it. Where possible, we contribute to the behind-the-scenes development of new standards and methods. We actively participate in ISO, national and European committees. This way, we can help boost developments that are beneficial to all parties in the industry. And we are the first to apply these innovations in practice.

Versatile and agile

Although we conduct large (government) projects, we are and always will be a small-scale enterprise with a personal approach: direct communication with no intermediates, clear reports, and tangible results. We are a pool of experts specialising not only in measurement technology and services but also in the development of instruments, software and geographic information systems. We have the team that your project needs.

We will step into your world

We are eager to understand your work so that we can find the solutions you need. It makes no difference whether or not you are knowledgeable in the area of acoustics, vibration, or air quality. We will work with you to find the best way of accomplishing your goals.


  • 1972
    On an Amsterdam canal boat the business plan for "Melzer & Partners" is born. The founding fathers are: Manfred Heckl, Ludwig Schreiber, Leo Beranek, Alex v. Meier and "Bubi" Melzer.
  • 1973
    In the middle of the oil crisis: fuel pumping station in Saudi Arabia and Shell Building Rotterdam.
  • 1974
    The beginning of a long lasting relationship: the ministry of public health and environment grants first contracts to a consortium with Melzer and Partners.
  • 1975
    Our name has officially changed to: "M + P akoestische adviseurs".
  • 1977
    As it is getting more busy on the roads, it is time for limits for noise. We work on one of the first assignments with respect to traffic noise and facade insulation in the Netherlands. This is near the (in)famous Coentunnelweg.
  • 1979
    The new Dutch noise legislation ('Wet geluidhinder') is adopted and is put into practice. We actively participated in drafting the legislation. After the legislation comes into force, our research and consultancy activities experience a strong growth.
  • 1980
    As one of the first we started with noise impact calculations using a mini computer.
  • 1981
    M+P-ers actively contribute to the industrial noise modelling and measurment manual ('Handleiding meten en rekenen industrielawaai', IL-HR-13-01)' and tour around the country to give lectures and seminars about this new part of the legislation.
  • 1982
    An exisiting concrete building skeleton, that was not finished because of the crisis, is bought to facilitate our new office in Aalsmeer.
  • 1983
    After having work for several years in garage boxes we get a new building with ample experimental facilities. For this event, the playful booklet 'the A B C of acoustics' is released.
  • 1984
    Silent traffic does not only involve quiet vehicles but also quiet road surfaces. M+P and Heijmans work on the first noise reducing pavement in the community of Zeeland (NB). This is the starting sign of an important development in the Netherlands.
  • 1987
    For a new Dutch law, M+P investigates the influence of dwellings on the noise propagation: the so-called Dhuis method is born. For that we have to measure with a powerful noise source in a quiet, densely-populated area: a 'brute' disturbance of the peace and quiet of a sunday morning in Amsterdam is the result.
  • 1990
    At an old runway at Welschap airport, various 2-layer porous asphalt surfaces are constructed to investigate their noise reduction potential. The results are very good: this is the start of the application of 2-layer porous asphalt on the road network.
  • 1992
    Dat gaat naar Den Bosch toe! (We go to Den Bosch!) is the first line of the lyrics of a well-known song in the South of the Netherlands. This region is the fastest growing high-tech region in Europe. Therefore, we move there to enjoy the good climate for our road and rail traffic noise abatement group.
  • 1996
    The partial share of Müller-BBM in M+P is changed into a complete merger. M+P-shareholders become shareholders of Müller-BBM and this intensifies our cooperation: a long lasting relationship perpetuates.
  • 1996
    After having led the company for 24 years and bringing it to maturity, Alex von Meier passes the baton to the "young guns" Chris Nierop and Gijsjan van Blokland.
  • 1998
    M+P and TÜV organize a CPX round robin test with participants from the Neterlands, Germany, Austria, Poland and even Japan. The first M+P CPX trailer is developed.
  • 1999
    M+P finishes the validation measurements for the Dutch research project 'Silent Train Traffic'. We need our complete office space to test the measurement setup: for our 700 meter test site we need more than 3 kilometer of high quality cables.
  • 2000
    M+P investigates the noise emission of a big gas compressor station. In this pipe jungle, we identify the culprit aned together with Müller-BBM we design a new damper to tackle the problem.
  • 2001
    The first high speed line comes to the Netherlands. In double-quick time, we develop an overall strategy to control the noise emission with rail roughness control. ARRoW is born.
  • 2002
    The Dutch government starts the Innovation Program Noise (IPG in Dutch) to accelerate the development and introduction of new noise control measures for road and rail. As true pioneers, we join the ministries to prepare the path.
  • 2003
    For a long time, we have been looking for a new building with enough office space but at the same time enough space for experimental facilities. We need it to give room to the rapidly expanding work field related to silent roads. Unfortunately, that kind of buildings are not on the market. Therefore, we build the office ourselves in Vught.
  • 2007
    M+P investigates the effects of barriers for the improvement of air quality near roads. More than 40 state-of-the-art air quality monitoring stations are in operation at the testing ground near Nulde.
  • 2008
    M+P, Müller-BBM and Chalmers university put SPERoN/AOT on the market: a model and software to design noise reducing road surfaces. The model is tested on a patchwork quilt of 40 road test sections in Kloosterzande. The Dutch minister of transport pays us a visit.
  • 2010
    RWS / DVS puts out a big tender asking for all ingredients of noise related consultancy. DVS sits at the table at M+P. We have proven in practice that we can serve all dishes in every taste.
  • 2012
    Ard, Jan and Theodoor take over the management of M+P from Gijsjan
  • 2012
    The 40th aniversary of M+P is celebrated with staff and family on the island of Vlieland. No reason for panic, the boat trip with the rescue boat was planned.
  • 2014
    Not only are we consultants, we also develop measures: the ASP is an advanced vibration damper for the process industry which we’ve developed and manufactured ourselves.
  • 2015
    Acquiring and sharing knowledge is one of our core values. This is why we helped to organize Euronoise 2015 in Maastricht, NL.
  • 2016
    De inzet voor ons werken aan een duurzame bedrijfsvoering wordt beloond met de hoogste trede van de CO2-Prestatieladder. Binnen 5 jaar willen we onze footprint met 25% reduceren en in onze markt nemen we initiatieven om CO2-reductie te stimuleren.